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 le Jorjane your B&B Choranche Pont-en-Royans motorbike hotel in Vercors French alps

Amateur of motor bikes since... more than 40 years.

George, the chief, was the happy owner of a score of different motor bikes, Terrot 125 to the 1000 CBR while passing by a FJ1200, some Ducat', and even Jawa Califarnian IV. Today, BMW R 1100 S Boxer cup

From his kitchen, George identifies, from the sound, the majority of the motor bikes which pass in the vicinity, while he regrets that he does not have the time...
Georges - B&B Hotel Restaurant Le Jorjane greeting Motorbike touring in Vercors France

If you pass by the Jorjane, the establishment offers to you:

To guard your luggage, which will remain secure while you visit in peace many local places of interest.

The hotel has a garage for your machines for the night, under the vigilant eyes of 2 dogs.

Their are many excellant routes with beautiful scenery and interesting places to visit on bike in the region. George can give you guidance to the best routes in the area. top of page motorbike in vercors accommodation in Choranche Pont-en-Royans

If you are part of a group touring by motorbike, you can book in advance, this allows the chef to organise a dinner specially for the group, and reserve secure parking for the bikes.

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